nas rara

im nas rara | 18teen *2011| life is for fun so just enjoy it :) if you dont like me just go and fuck off your ass , thanks ;D

hari kasih sayang ..

i lov you ..
i fall in love with your smile ..
i want you to be with me forever ..
i will taking care of you ..
i do anything for you ..
i promise to be there for you in sickness and in health
i want your arm around me ..
i will die for you hunny .. :p
i'm the one you looking for ..
i never leave you alone ..
you the one for me ..
you are my everythng ..
you will be mine forever ..
you are the best thing that's even been mine .. :)
no one can do the way you do
everytime i look at you it's like a first time ..
baby please don't go ...

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